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Terms dealing with heart like arteries, veins, EKG, catheters, murmurs, gallops, rubs, scans, stress, tests, etc.
A blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body.

Cardio Catheters
A catheter that can be passed into the heart through a vein or artery.

Cardio Terms
Various cardiac terms.

A triple cadence to the heart sounds; due to an abnormal third or fourth heart sound being heard in addition to the first and second sounds, and usually indicative of serious disease.

High blood pressure.

Leads (EKG)
A combination of electrodes that form an imaginary line in the body along which the electrical signals are measured

A soft sound, like that made by a somewhat forcible expiration with the mouth open, heard on auscultation of the heart, lungs, or blood vessels.

Cardiac Rub, a type of heart sound due to rubbing of surfaces.

Scans - Cardio
A method of visualizing and selectively assessing the flow patterns of arteries and veins.

Stress - Cardio
Putting stress on heart with exercise etc.

Tests - Cardio
Various tests done in cardiology.

A blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart.

Sample Reports - Cardiovascular / Pulmonary
Transcribed sample medical reports of Cardiovascular / Pulmonary

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