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Lab Medicine & Pathology

Lab Medicine & Pathology related terms - common lab tests, culture media, fungi, abbreviations, lab values, stains/dyes, screens, etc.
Lots of Lab Medicine & Pathology Terms

Common Lab Tests
Commonly and routinely done laboratory tests.

Culture Media
A substance, either solid or liquid, used for the cultivation, isolation, identification, or storage of microorganisms.

Terms Associated with Fungi.

Lab Acronyms & Abbreviations
Acronyms & Abbreviations used in Laboratories

Normal Lab Values
Normal values of various laboratory tests.

Poisonous Organisms
Poisonous organisms and their common names

Stains & Dyes
Various laboratory Stains & Dyes.

Tests, Screens & Cultures
Various terms used in laboratories for tests, screens & cultures..

List of names of various viruses.

Worms, Flukes & Parasites
List of names of various worms, flukes, and parasites.

Sample Reports - Lab Medicine - Pathology
Transcribed sample medical reports of Lab Medicine - Pathology

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Lab Medicine & Pathology

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