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Glasgow Coma Scale



Patient Response

Eye opening
Spontaneously 4 Spontaneous
To speech 3 Opens to verbal command
To pain 2 Opens only to painful stimulus
None 1 Does not open
Motor response
Obeys 6 Correctly shows 2 fingers when asked
Localizes 5 Reaches toward painful stimulus to remove it
Withdraws 4 Moves away from painful stimulus
Abnormal flexion 3 Displays decorticate posturing
Abnormal extension 2 Displays decerebrate posturing
None 1 Lies flaccid with no response
Verbal response (Responding to question of current year)
Oriented 5 Correct year given
Confused 4 Incorrect year given
Inappropriate words 3 Replies but with inappropriate words
Incomprehensible 2 Moans or screams to stimuli
No response 1 No response given

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Glasgow Coma Scale

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