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Med & Eng words & terms

Common types of English and medical words and terms for anatomy, Greek/Latin words, medical slang, set phrases, eponyms, misspelled and sound alikes, languages, peoples, titles, specialties, street drugs, etc.
Anatomic Directions & Body Positions
Body Structure, Anatomic Directions, and Body Positions.

Clinical Trials
List of various types of medial studies and trials.

Commonly Misspelled Medical Words
Commonly Misspelled Medical Words

List of eponyms with details and definitions.

Equivalents & Units
Equivalents & Units with their values/measurements

Greek & Latin Words
Commonly used Greek and Latin words and terms

Medical Slangs
Some common medical slangs.

Military Terms
Commonly used terms in armed forces.

Nursing Acronyms
Nursing abbreviations and acronyms

People, Languages, Religions
Peoples, Languages, Religions, Cultures, etc.

Common Prefixes - An affix that is added in front of the word is a prefix.

Professional Titles
Professional Titles - Nurse, Surgeon, Physician, Doctor, etc.

Set Phrases
Expression or group of words whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up.

Sound Alikes (English)
Same sounding English words but with different meanings and spellings.

Sound Alikes (Medical)
Same sounding Medical words but with different meanings and spellings.

Physician specialist who practices one branch of medicine.

Definitions of various types of medical specialties.

St. (Terms Starting with St.)
Various syndrome disease names, named after Saints

Street Drugs
Various names and terms used for various street drugs.

Common Suffixes - An affix that is added at the end of the word is a suffix.

Word Part
Word parts pertaining to disease or type of disease

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Med & Eng words & terms

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